Know if Someone is Copying Your Blog Articles

Nobody wants to see their own articles being copied and used without permission. So what are you going to do if you face a situation like that? Simply, if you don’t know whether your website/blog content is being copied or not, you can use CopyScape to determine this. CopyScape is a web service that find published pages on the internet that match with your content.  If you find that someone has copied anything that belongs to you and you want them to remove it, there are some solutions that you may want to follow.

1. Contacting The Website Owner

Contacting the website owner is the best solution. You can reach them directly by finding any method of contacting in their website. If you can’t find the contact information there, you may find the domain registrar email and send them a removal request. Because most of the time it is the same person who runs the website. To find the domain registrar email, go to Domain Tools. and search for the desired domain and then you will get the information you need.

2. Reporting The Website To Google Webmaster Tools

If you have contacted the website owner and didn’t respond to your message or even if you couldn’t find any way to reach the them and you believe it is necessary to remove that content or at least not to appear in search results. You may want to report this website to Google. Because duplicate content is against Google’s Terms Of Service. as it said:

If you find that another site is duplicating your content by scraping (misappropriating and republishing) it, it’s unlikely that this will negatively impact your site’s ranking in Google search results pages. If you do spot a case that’s particularly frustrating, you are welcome to file a DMCA request to claim ownership of the content and request removal of the other site from Google’s index.


There maybe several other methods to stop content theft in your blog such as reporting the website to Google Adsense because it’s perceived as breaking their Terms Of Service too. But I believe that the mentioned ways are better than anything else. Share your ideas in the comments section.


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