Google Page Rank Has Been Updated

I would like to announce that Google has updated the Page Rank today October 30, 2009. The last update was in August 2009. So if you own a website you can go and check your new PR. Vidiame has not been affected by this recent update because it is a brand new website. Please note that this is just news, and we know that Google Page Rank is not the only factor in SERP. Here are two handy tools to get your accurate page rank.

1. DigPageRank

DigPageRank is an instant page rank checker tool. You can check you page rank in 700+ Google Data Centers as i said. Also it checks if the page rank is valid or not.

2. PaRaMeter

Do you want to scan multiple websites for page rank? and even their internal pages? This is what you need. PaRaMeter is a program that crawls your website to get the pages and then scan every single page to show the result in a list.


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