Golf Training Tips for Senior Golfers to Increase Distance

As someone who has helped seniors with their golf games, I can tell you that getting older doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a lot of distance off the tee.
I see too many golfers mistakenly believe that when you get older you lose your power, speed, and your distance. While it’s inevitable that you won’t drive the ball like you did at 20, but the decrease can be minimal, if at all, with the right approach.

So, what can the senior golfer do to increase their distance and improve the game?

1. Fitness

To improve your strength and flexibility, find a gym, health club, or YMCA and start on a weight training program. No, I’m not suggesting you start bench pressing 300 pounds or doing 500 pound squats.

You only need to do some light weight training to build some extra strength and power. You can even find a fitness trainer that could help you get started. The YMCA provides this for no cost.

You’ll also benefit from a good stretching program to improve flexibility. The one point to keep in mind is to not over do it. Talk to your doctor and get the go ahead before starting any new fitness program.

2. Golf Equipment

Having the right golf equipment is a big key in getting the most out of your game. I can’t stress enough the importance of being custom fit for the right clubs. You need the right flex in your golf shaft, the right length, lie angle, etc. Don’t cheat yourself with this part of your game.

3. Golf Lessons

If you haven’t taken any golf lessons yet, now would be a great time to start. Getting lessons from a good golf pro is invaluable. You’ll learn the right golf swing and mechanics that will lead to more yards off the tee.

Find a golf instructor that you feel comfortable with and take 5-10 lessons. It’s not that expensive, and the benefits these lessons give you, will make your golf game so much more enjoyable.

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you still can’t hit the ball with the same distance as when you were younger. With today’s golf equipment and a good fitness program, you can actually expect to hit the ball farther than you ever have before!

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