How to Raise Goats and Make Money Doing It

Goats can provide milk and cheese for lactose-intolerant people, meat for low-fat and cholesterol-free diets and mohair for making clothing. There are many benefits to having goats. They make great pets and can clear land, and they are fun to watch!

How do you make money? First, start off with a small herd of does, then buy a buck with good muscle. The kids that are born are “profit”. Keep the ones you want to (mostly does,maybe 1 buck) ,and sell the rest. Use the money off of the kids you sold to buy more does, then repeat. Soon you will have a herd going strong. That’s when you can keep some of the profit. Make sure to cull out the goats that are too old ,aggressive, not feeding their kids,or anything you don’t like about them,but replace them with more.

The breed of goat you want depends on what you want them for. Do you want milk? Buy a dairy goat herd. Meat? Buy muscular goats,usually Boer or Spanish.Or do you want mohair? Buy a fiber goat,usually Angora. A lot of people have switched to goat meat because of the health benefits of it. Selling goat milk can also bring in profits. The start up costs of goats can vary depending on the breed. The basics are shelter, good fencing, feed and hay, shots,tags, worming, emergency kit, water troughs, and feed troughs. If you are into the Dairy breeds, you may need more supplies such as a milking machine and a milking stand.

Selling your goats- you can sell goats in the newspaper, websites (like mine) or by word of mouth. If you want registered goats,be prepared to spend a little more on them. They should also sell for more. Children in 4H show goats in fairs and shows ,Most of their goats are required to be registered and or either does or wethers (castrated males). Make money doing something you love! raise goats!

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