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WordPress 2.8.5 Has Been Released

Posted in WordPress on October 20th, 2009


WordPress engineers seem to be working really hard on the future release of WordPress 2.9. but in the other hand a new release has came up today solving some security exploits. WordPress engineers has advised everyone who is running older versions to upgrade to the 2.8.5 version.
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How To Block Multiple IP Addresses Using PHP

Posted in PHP on October 20th, 2009

MOVED: How To Block Multiple IP Addresses Using PHP

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25+ Amazing Photos of Graffiti in The City

Posted in Inspiration on October 19th, 2009

Brilliant Graffiti Photos

I’ve decided to post an images article rather than the usual programming stuff. Here is a great collection of Graffiti photos in the city which i gathered them from Flickr. Have fun!

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16+ WordPress Plugins That Make Your Blog Perfect!

Posted in WordPress on October 18th, 2009


No one can denies that WordPress plugins are so handful. In this post I am going to show you 16 plugins that I believe they are essential to make a blog works perfectly. If you have any suggestions or comments please leave them in comments or send us an Email.

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14+ Web Development And Design Blogs That Are Worth To Follow

Posted in Spotlight on October 12th, 2009


Here is a great list of web development and web design websites. If you are trying to find top quality to learn something from, then here you go. With these informative websites, which you can start from either basic lessons to professional jobs. And because the industry is changing so fast, you have to stay in touch with everything related to it. Using Google reader or any other RSS reader would be one of the best solutions for someone who wants to succeed. In this post, I have gathered more than 14 websites that i hope you will like. Also, if you have any other good resources, you can send them to us by using the contact form.

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