Inflatable Kayaks


Imagine going on a camping tip and being able to take your kayak with you in a backpack or the trunk of your car. Not strapping said boat to the top of your vehicle or towing it behind, but conveniently storing your kayak in a bag small enough to fit in a backpack. This is the kind of flexibility an inflatable kayak can offer. And, by the way, inflatable kayaks have come a long way from what you may be thinking.

Just because they are “inflatable” doesn’t mean that they have to be something that you might play with in the pool. Technology has enabled manufacturers to produce quality boats that just happen to be inflatable. In fact, some inflatable kayaks are strong enough to withstand a dog sitting and walking inside of them! If you know how sharp a dogs nails can be, you realize how impressive this is.

You probably also think that there’s no way an inflatable kayak can be taken into rapids. Wrong again. Is an inflatable kayak going to be used in the upcoming Olympics? Of course not, but some inflatable kayaks are strong enough for you to traverse class IV rapids. Not bad for a kayak that can easily be taken anywhere. An inflatable kayak can also be a wonderful way to explore your favorite trout fishing river. Zipping downstream to new fishing area will be no problem with the help of an inflatable kayak.

If you’re into outdoor activities such as: fishing, camping, RVing, or just vacationing on a lake, an inflatable kayak can be a wonderful way to enjoy and traverse the water, and at a fraction of the cost of a “traditional” boat of any kind. Inflatable kayaks are a wonderful way to enjoy your favorite water.

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